CanGateway Smart For BMW

CanGateway Smart is new, innovative device that is now available in two equipment variants
canGateway smart

Supported cars:

  • BMW series FXX

Installation guide:

Plug the  CanGateway Smart in the rear of the odometer (pin 1 has been marked white on CanGatway Smart)



1- Turn on the ignition.
2- Hold “BC” button for 5 seconds until indicators are switched on.

3- Hold “BC” button again in order to switch off Cangateway SMART. 


Important information

1- Once the device is switched on the speedometer works
properly while driving.
2- The device can be switched on and off while driving.
3- CanGateway Smart operates if indicators are switched

CanGateway Smart is intended for research and development purposes only (off road) – it allows you to perform tests on vehicles under laboratory/testing conditions as well as various vehicle tests and measurements on a chassis dynamometer.

CanGateway Smart device prevents from recording the number of kilometers /mileage of the vehicle while performing tests on a vehicle.

The main advantages of the CanGateway Smart device are easy and quick installation as well as ease of use. High-quality processor (200MHz) ensures minimum power consumption and high performance. Also, there is software update from the microSD card.

CanGateway Smart comes with dedicated plug and cable to connect to a vehicle and is ready for installation.

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